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Student uMap™ is the SEL platform that fast-tracks the relationship-building process and equips educators with the tools to easily know and support their students like never before.

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Develop Strong & Positive Relationships

Understand & Apply Empathy

Create a Sense
of Purpose

Monitor Student

Develop strong & positive relationships

Student uMap™ is a space for students to share what matters most to them and is used to develop deep and meaningful relationships that grow in the classroom and beyond. 

For Students:

  • Students will experience opportunities to listen, share, and connect with peers to build a sense of belonging
  • Students can practice teamwork and collaboration while they learn to understand different perspectives.

For Teachers:

  • Teachers will understand who influences, what motivates, and what concerns students in one digital space 
  • Teachers can quickly understand students on a deeper level and support in ways they couldn’t before 

Learn to understand & apply empathy

Student uMap™ provides perspective and practice so teachers and students know when and where to apply empathy.

For Students:

  • Students will practice self-awareness and communicate their personal interests, strengths, and areas of growth  
  • Students will learn to affirm their peers as they share experiences through guided activities 

For Teachers:

  • Teachers and students can practice applying compassion and empathy through short and impactful guided lessons and activities 
  • Teachers will gain an in-depth look at what impacts a student’s emotional well-being 

Create a sense of purpose

Student uMap™ engages students in the process of gaining self-awareness as they learn to know themselves so they can know others. 

For Students:

  • Students will participate in reflecting on their needs and motivations to build self-confidence
  • Students will develop a growth mindset and set goals to continuously improve 

For Teachers:

  • Teachers can model self-awareness skill and share about their experiences to build trust
  • Teachers can support the growth and development of students in one-on-one conversations  

Monitor student wellness

Measure student engagement overall, or understand who your students are at an individual level.

For Teachers:

  • Use the Concerns Report to understand and support the challenges your students are struggling with right now. 
  • Use the Connections Report to understand who is most and least connected with their school community and peers to identify at-risk students.
  • Use the Highlights Report to know what makes students tick by identifying the opportunities they look forward to most through the school year 
  • Use the Role Models Report to identify trusted adults in the school community with whom students relate and connect

CASEL 5 SEL Framework

Student uMap™ supports the CASEL 5 SEL Framework. We are dedicated to providing meaningful resources to achieve impactful SEL in the classroom.

Responsible decision making



Social awareness

Relationship skills

Learn more about the CASEL 5 Framework

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