5 Classroom Engagement Exercises to Promote Mental Health

December 5, 2020 in Resources

5 Classroom Engagement Exercises to Promote Mental Health

Use Student uMap™ to engage your class!

Try these activities to promote positive mental health and classroom engagement.

Here’s one to get you started. Download the full set below.

Alternative Text

Favorite Quote

15 minutes
Prep: Selected quote on uMap™ | Supplies Needed: None

Ask students to have their favorite quote ready to share. Break up students into groups of 3 or 4. In their small group, each student will have two minutes to share why this quote has meaning for them. Encourage students to make connections with each other while in their groups. After 10 minutes, come back together and ask if anyone would like to share a connection they made with another classmate during the activity.

Enjoy the first one? Get more activities here:

These engaging activities can be used immediately in your classroom or with other educators you know!
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